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PTS delved into the depths of football at a late age after previously preferring the oval ball game. Since then, football has developed into somewhat of a deity for the sugar. Known to watch under 8 year old soccer all over Sydney, PTS prides himself on reading other people’s commentary, and regurgitating it back to you. There’s nothing artificial about this sweetner, who backs West Brom. Pass the Sugar (known as The Sweetner or Sugar Ray Leonard) will give you more than just articles and tips, he/she/it will give you an insight into a flourishing bond between man and entity, described with often terrible rhetoric. Don’t be fooled by my 2 dimensional and inanimate appearance either, PTS exists beyond the LCD world of your screen.

Over this relationship, the pair (football and man) have developed certain rules:

1.  Always make it a multi

2.  Keep it locked on channel 513

3.   Share your bets only if you win, no one wants to hear about losses anyway

4.   Don’t negate the foreplay – never debate without doing your research

5.   Soccernet should be viewed with a regular devotion

6.   Never bet against your own team

7.   Accumulate a ridiculous amount of teams so that almost any bet you make can be passed off as “a bet on your own team”.

8.   Only argue with fellow Australians, as chances are they’ll know nothing about football anyway.

9.   RDM stands for ridiculously dapper man

For you, there’s only the one rule – an email from ensures your procrastination is to stay.


After much convincing, ’10 joined the FFTD conglomerate. Having impressed with his football writing over the years, Mr 2010 was hand picked out of a vast array of contenders for the role. Despite initially deciding to focus on women’s soccer (yes I know), there’s nothing soft about this sydney boy. A proven goal scorer in his own right, the talented striker is looking to ensure an income-stream beyond his playing days, and has turned to print media for this opportunity. Look out for him at the World Cup, he’ll be the bloke in canary yellow from head to toe.


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