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Gareth Bale: Spurs’ 40m Ticket to the Big Leagues

Gareth Bale Tottenham Spurs Heart

an everlasting love?

The love bearing Gareth Bale will be one of Europe’s hottest prospects over the forthcoming summer of transfers. Bale’s Tottenham exploits have seen him fill the gossip inches in many a tabloid over the previous 2 seasons and get ready to see his name continually with your daily English Breakfast. But for Football for the Day, the Welsh national has under delivered to the Yids of North London and England’s declining managerial patriarch in Harry Redknapp.

Make no mistake, Bale is one of England’s most dominant wide players, possessing the skill and speed to ghost past players with apparent nonchalance. In that taxi for Maicon game, on an extraordinary Italian evening, Gareth forged his reputation as a genuine top liner in the Premier League. Indeed, 2010/11 was a year of brilliance with the resurgent Spurs left edge being front and centre.

More Gareth Overleaf….

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Who is Mr Vilanova?

terry connor?

terry connor?


With the somewhat unexpected departure of Pep earlier today, the Catalan giants acted swiftly to appoint Tito Vilanova as their new gaffer. Here’s FFTD’s exclusive profile of the man currently holding one of football’s most sought after posts:

Name: Francesc “Tito” Vilanova Bayo

Age: 42

Previous Playing Experience: Hailing from the relatively unknown Bellcaire d’Emporda (google that place and you’ll see what I mean) Vilanova is a graduate of the famous La Masia. He graduated under the stewardship of Cruyff in a cohort many label as the finest of all time.  Tito never really excelled as a player after emerging through the Barcelona youth system to become a regular fixture in Spain’s second tier. He formally retired in 2002.

Managerial Credentials: Tito became the director of football at Tarrassa FC almost immediately following the finalisation of his playing days. From there, he became the long time sidekick to Pep, having served his apprenticeship from day 1 of Guardiola’s endeavours, starting at the lowly 4th tier of Spanish football with Barcelona’s second side.

Comments: Vialnova has remained remarkably discrete in his role at the Spanish giants, with some confusion even surrounding the order of his last names. Towards the end of 2011, Tito suffered a medical complication with his parotid gland that saw him take a short break from the game, returning over the new year period to consistent praise from both the coaching and playing staff at the club. Indeed, Guardiola dedicated his player of the year accolade in 2011 to his assistant:

“From the bottom of my heart I would like to dedicate this title to Tito Vilanova, my friend, companion, assistant, who is always there, even though he has not been with us that much lately.

“Tito, this one is for you.”

Vilanova’s relationship with his array of stars at the club appears his major selling point with an obvious rapport in existence. This was particularly evident in the continual tributes paid to him and the visible emotions on display upon his return to coaching early in 2012. By all reports, Vilanova is a better man manager than tactician, dealing with the players in a more direct fashion than the stand-offish Guardiola. The likes of Messi, Xavi and Iniesta have all labelled Tito’s main strengths as his ability to explain concepts in a clear and understandable fashion in Graham Hunter’s book, Barca: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World.

Tito is not completely new to the role, having taken the helm infrequently upon occasion that Guardiola has abstained from his regular duties. In saying that, the selection is still somewhat of a gamble, but shows the trust and faith all those involved in the upper echelons of the club place in their internal structures to produce both on and off the field. Continuing to recruit in house sends an undoubtedly strong message to the footballing community.

Tito was certainly not the only “in-house” choice available and rest assured he’ll be front and centre come round 1 next time around.



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Goals of 2009/10

A special post that has seen a fair bit of inaction on footballfortheday. Drowning amongst youtube video submissions, PTS has emerged with his favourite goals of the year in chronological order. If you have a better one, then send them to me – footballfortheday@gmail.com or post them in a comment below!

Stankovic in Inter’s rout of Genoa way back in October

Genoa are on the receiving end yet again – and this time it’s Eden Hazard – also in October

This is less about the goal scorer in Xavi, and more about the incredible passing build up – West Brom and Socceroos PLEASE take note. Watch the player’s movement off the ball.

The Honduras star – Figuroa showed a bagful of vision in December

Arsenal riding high against Porto. It’s a shame Nasri won’t feature in June.

Lionel Messi had to feature somewhere – and it was tough to pick one out of several wonder goals. This one was from March.

Arjen Robben is one of world football’s form players and this is straight from the top draw…

This goal was crucial in Inter’s outstanding season and it came from the unlikely Maicon – my personal favourite. It happened in April

Fulham’s Davies gets a mention

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The Rumour Mill in Full Swing Again!

Just to make sure that footballfortheday isn’t totally overrun by that little thing happening in South Africa, we’re gonna stick to our guns and give you this week’s edition of Transfer Thursday. If you’ve been watching, we haven’t missed a column yet!

This week I didn’t even know where to start. Normally, it’s pretty easy to follow the latest and greatest wheelings and dealings across Europe. But this week it seems that every paper has their own little story. No one’s come out and grabbed the headlines just yet, and you just get the feeling that everything going down at the moment is pure garbage. Everyone’s just waiting for Mancini to make his move, or something like that…

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

According to the (sic) reputable source of news, the Daily Mirror (although it’s still better than that other paper – News of the World), the men at the Catalans are admitting to last season’s transfer errors. The swap deal with Internazionale (their real name is so much sexier) seems to have favoured the Italians, accentuated by the Champions League semi final between the clubs. Ibrahimovic seems to look like another failed signing in Dimitar Berbatov, and he sure reminds me of him. Over and again, the big Swede seems to miss golden opportunities and his lack of lethal finishing seems to have cost him his place for next season. Apparently, Barcelona are itching to broker an auction between Chelsea and Man City. It seems difficult to imagine, considering that both these clubs have outstanding forwards on their books. But when you’re talking about Man City, anything’s possible. If Chelsea really are in for Torres, then I doubt they’d be interested to get into a bidding war with the limitless financial backing that Man City seem to have at their disposal.

The Equation

Barcelona will be eager to “get rid” and start afresh, but really, this particular story seems a little stretched. < 50% on this one.

Mikel Arteta

Last week, we brought you news about Sir Alex and his search for a replacement for the red haired Paul Scholes. This week, we continue to spread the rumours with fresh links to a Spaniard, Mikel Arteta. Fresh from missing out on travelling to South Africa, Arteta apparently still sees it fit to demand more than the “measly” 45,000 pounds a week that he earns at Goodison. He’s spent the majority of the year on the sidelines and despite showing his class once again late in the campaign, may struggle to squeeze a lot more dosh out of the bargaining table. Nevertheless, Man United seem keen to snap up the wizard and he may still fit under their strict wages cap that is enforced. In another upside, Man City don’t seem interested in this particular deal (yet…), so at least there won’t be needless inflation of the signing fee.

The Equation

It’s always difficult to predict the wily Ferguson, but it does seem that he needs some fresh midfield talent, with many of his other supposed replacements seemingly not up to scratch. Arteta looks to have the goods. Everton will be desperate to keep their man, but this one could just come off. 75% chances here.

Charles N’Zogbia

Even though it’s always fun to follow the big money, it’s worth mentioning Birmingham, who after all are a top half club nowadays. Carson Yeung seems to have made available quite a pot of gold for McLeish, and it seems that he’s about to spend the lot. Apparently Ben Foster will be a direct replacement for the fantastic Joe Hart, but that’s old news already. Next up for the Blues is the crafty Wigan talent in N’Zogbia. N’Zogbia has been a crucial element in an otherwise poor Wigan side and a move to a bigger club could be on the cards. Wigan could easily be tempted to turn a nice little profit on this one. I wonder if he’ll be willing to move on already, however, having only just arrived at the Lactics.

The Equation

Passthesugar will slap a 50% label onto the trade.

Daniele De Rossi

Bloody hell, just piss off already mate. And to all you other clubs out there: he’s not gonna leave.. you get it? The notoriously stubborn and difficult to sign de Rossi has yet again popped up – this time Roma have rejected a 38 million pound bid for midfielder. Personally I’ve hardly seen him play, but by the reports of certain colleagues, and with a quick glance at Wikipedia, it seems that he fits the bill to be included on the Arab’s lengthy shopping list. If Manc really want a quality midfielder, maybe they should chase a player who can’t break it into the starting 11; think Diarra or Gago.

The Equation

This whole write up has stemmed from a publication known as La Stampa. With a quality name like that it’s gotta be 100% accurate.

Phil Bardsley

In what is set to be one of the biggest transfer moves of the summer, unwanted and left out Bardsley is set to snub Sunderland to join the Hawthorns and passthesugar’s beloved Baggies. West Brom have reportedly offered the princely sum of 1.2 million for the defender who will look to shore up their back four. He’s one of a group of players to be owned by glamour club Man United, but quickly be shipped off on loan deals all over the shop. Most recently, Bardsley got a bit of karma, after being second choice behind the on loanees Hutton and Mensah at Sunderland.

The Equation

Bardlsey will become one of the hottest properties in England this time next year, after helping West Brom to a miraculous top 6 finish. (think Michael Turner at Hull – just more) Crazier things have happened… well not really, but anyway here’s to dreaming. 80% it’ll come off

Just a footnote: In a revolutionary move, Tottenham and Chelsea showed off some of their finer “for sale/loan” talent yesterday with a training park showdown between the two clubs. Apparently they held a roll call for every manager in the land from 10th spot in the top flight and lower. I wonder what this will do for the players morale. Anyway, hopefully di Matteo was watching a bloke with the last name of Rose very closely.

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